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About me

As a proud Latina, New Yorker, Fashionista, Foodie, Blogger & Traveler and now teacher to my daughter, I have been motivated to help inspire the next generation of young Latinas to achieve their dreams and passions. 


I have harnessed my passion for storytelling and community building through my roles in nonprofits and as a social entrepreneur. 


Vibra Latina: I come from a family that worked in the textile industry in Peru, and grew up in the US working in the fashion industry, so I now intend to bring together both of those worlds to create an organization that seeks to mobilize women to support each other and to create greater opportunities for local artisans in Peru through fashion. 

Latina Voice: I am privileged to be a part of this organization. I have been able to feature the stories of up-and-coming Latina women as the leader of Teen Talk.

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