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Albania Rosario is one of the most powerful Latinas in America.

Aligned by my passion for fashion, I wanted to publicize and highlight the work of a powerful woman. Albania Rosario, Founder and Creative Director of the Federation of Designers of Latin America, better known as the FDLA, who has never stopped dreaming and achieving what she sets her mind to.

I admire this woman and Latina entrepreneur originally from the Dominican Republic who moved to New York at the age of 18 by decision of her parents. Here she began to pursue her academic career at CUNY Hunter College.

With everything to lose since she did not know English and was not from the country, today, she is one of the most recognized entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. As founder of FDLA, she has managed to open doors for Latin designers in this important advertising showcase. To name a few, we have Gianina Azar from the Dominican Republic. Rosita Hurtado and Reyna Quispe from Bolivia. Leti Faviani from Chile, Idol Jose, Dayana Leon, Carlos Sierra, and Prince Julio Cesar from Venezuela, among many others who have participated in this important event.

As a fashion enthusiast and on behalf of hundreds of designers, I thank Albania for creating the FDLA by following her dream. Now it is the springboard for the fulfillment of the dreams of so many others who come to show their designs and conquer the United States with their ideas.

But what is the purpose of FDLA?

Its mission is to help emerging designers from Latin America to have greater visibility in the American and international market to improve opportunities, market, and enhance their talents.

It presents the stories of designers who carry their culture and their country from the focus of their life and family and social environment.

For the designers who read us and are interested in being part of this fashion, the requirement or scoop that Albania has to make them part of this important platform is diversity, talent, and passion for fashion.

So as a fan of fashion and attendee to FDLA, I can tell you that it is a show that everyone must live. A sample of the Latin talent and the rise of designers that show themselves to the world.

I invite you, young people, Latin women, and dreamers to continue believing that dreams are to be achieved. Although there are obstacles in the way, my message is: do not fall in the face of adversity, you must move forward and get up faster and with more enthusiasm.

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