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Brenda Howard, ‘Mother of Pride’.

December 24th, 1946 - June 28th, 2005.

American bisexual rights activist, sexually positive feminist and polyamorous.

It is a day to honor a woman in struggle, continuing with the celebration of Pride Month we will talk about an important figure in the modern movement for LGBTI rights, her name: Brenda Howard.

Brenda was born in the Bronx, graduated in Nursing from Borough of Manhattan Community College, in the late 60's she actively participated in the movement against the Vietnam War, after this, she became involved in the feminist movement; here we realize that she has always fought for her ideals, characterized by being a woman of struggle.

"Bisexual, polyamorous, switch.

I'm not greedy, I know what I want." Brenda Howard.

Howard received the title of mother of Pride. Although she is remembered for her participation in different mobilizations in favor of the LGBT+ population. Friendship, as well as political commitment and one's belonging to the LGBT+ community, led Brenda Howard to become involved in organizing activities for The Christopher Street Liberation Day March.

Continuing with this activity, Brenda originated the idea of a week with a long series of events around Pride Day, quickly becoming the genesis of the annual celebrations that spread throughout the month of June.

"Howard was active in the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights that helped guide New York City's LGBT rights law through the City Council in 1986."

As we can see she was a woman who fought for the rights of the LGBT+ community, and as described by her husband also declared bisexual she was an active and dedicated person.

For this reason, today we make a tribute to this woman who was characterized by the struggle for the rights of others, making it a global celebration that resignifies the community, that day by day liberates itself in countries where even being in the XXI century they are violated and attacked.

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