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Celebrating Children Is A Joy; Let’s Learn To Live Like Them.

Different countries celebrate Children's Day on different dates. Today, we join the Colombian community to celebrate children all around the world.

This holiday aims to highlight the role that early childhood has around the world, and to strengthen the commitment to honor their rights and promote their wellbeing. The UN declared the 20th of November as a date to remember the Declaration of Rights of the Child in 1959.

UN leaders around the world came together to generate measures that would protect children which, in 1989, was approved by the Assembly of the UN in which rights for life, development, education, and the ability to participate in society and be protected by it, were included. (Tex taken and translated from

And, while there is one official date declared by the UN, each country has chosen to honor and celebrate children on different dates. In the US, we will celebrate it on Jun 12, 2022. However, today we join the Colombian community at Vibra Latina to celebrate it this April 30th weekend.

The first time that Colombia celebrated this day was in 1999, an occasion in which children were honored in every region. Colombians were called to promote children’s rights and, in particular, to facilitate opportunities and the right to play–which is an integral part of a healthy development.

By 2001, the Congress of The Republic of Colombia instated the Day for Children and Recreation at the end of April as a day to pay particular attention to the protection and harmonious development of children. This day includes various activities for children to enjoy and it is typically celebrated the last Saturday of April of each year.

This weekend, as Colombians celebrate their children, I thought it could be good for our larger community to consider this emphasis on play and the importance of it in our children but also on us as we grow older.

It is important to protect our children, and it is also important to learn from them.

As a way to honor our diversity, tell me if you have any particular customs in your country of origin when celebrating children. I enjoy reading the comments as our Latina community continues to grow.

Lastly, I hope this article serves as a reminder for you to care for the children around you and in particular for you to care for that inner child that you have– it is your treasure!

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