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Frida, colors of life and mystery of art

Frida Kahlo's work is difficult to classify. So close to her personal life, it could be said that Frida's paintings are subject and object.

Mexican proud of her roots, influenced by ideas of identity propagated by revolutionary nationalism, Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Calderón is one of the most important female and Latina exponents recognized worldwide; the Mexican was a spontaneous surrealist who wore long skirts, braided bows with colored ribbons, flowers on her head and, pre-Columbian necklaces and earrings, profile of the typical Mexican woman.

So we can recognize her outwardly when we see her in her paintings or in a quick tour of the artist's history, but this woman had and still transmits a unique mystery, something that unites her way of seeing life with her personal experience, and that is because is not easy to go through a tremendous accident and survive with a broken spine; the clavicle, ribs, pelvis, leg and right foot fractured in several places...a unique accident and that I now think, it must happen to her because it was what led her to stay in bed for several months, and that way take painting first as a hobby and then as a passion, it was her refuge.

Frida, not only left a legacy with her paintings, but also in her way of seeing things becoming a symbol of feminism, this woman for the time she was known, she knew how to break taboos about the body and female sexuality, showing herself excessive, active, strong, passionate and lover of life.

In addition, to be recognized by quotes that she said throughout her life and that make a lot of sense, here I share my favorites:

  • Don't let the tree of which you are the sun to be thirsty.

  • I will last as you take care of me, I will talk to you as you treat me and I believe what you show me.

  • Fall in love with yourself, with life and then with whoever you want.

  • I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality.

  • Never in all my life will I forget your presence. You took me in shattered and returned me whole.

  • Can verbs be invented? I want to tell you one: I heaven you, so my wings spread enormously to love you without measure.

  • Give me hope, desire to live and do not forget me.

  • If you want me in your life you will put me in it. I shouldn't be fighting for a position.

  • I, who fell in love with your wings, will never want to cut them off.

  • I don't want a half-hearted love, torn and split in half. I have struggled and suffered so much that I deserve something whole, intense, indestructible.

  • And there is in it (life) so much intensity, so much interest, that the problem is just knowing how to live it.

  • Feet, why do I want them if I have wings to fly?

After reading and knowing a little more about the Mexican artist, do you identify with her? What is the 'fridoso' percentage of your life?

Have a happy day and "Live Life"

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