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Happy Mother’s Day To All Around The World.

Today we honor a core family member. Today we celebrate Mother’s Day!

It makes me happy to celebrate perhaps the best type of work that exists; mothers are indeed precious and being a mother is among the best experiences that we as women can have. Just hearing someone call us ‘mom’ can be enough to make our heartbeat jump with joy, it can be the greatest blessing and point of pride one can ask for in life.

This role teaches me something every day. The anecdotes fuel my love. Having Vivi in our home has been a daily vitamin that helps me to wake up with a sense of purpose to be the best version of myself just to be able to help her grow. Her smile, innocence, and the beautiful glow in her eyes reinforce me for doing things well and inspire me to always do it better.

Today I want to honor all the women who have said YES to what may also be the hardest task in the world. Being a mother has often meant great sacrifices; there are many around the world that have had to feed their children before feeding themselves. Single parent households may be commonplace now but it is still just as challenging as ever. And, there are also many mothers who have had to mourn the loss of those same children that have been their adoration. There are mothers who have had to be the strength in their home, and others who become like mothers to others who may not have had that figure in their life. My gratitude today is for all of those mothers that have accepted and have learned to see beauty in the most important role in the world.

To those who still have their mothers: Love them today and everyday. Care for them. Make their hearts beat with joy. This is the least we can do for those who have given it all for us first.

Mothers– thank you always for believing in us.

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