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Makeup unites us in a common taste

Makeup is an important part of the fashion world; it has earned this position due to the confidence it generates in its consumers and the different forms of expression of art that exist thanks to it. Makeup and its techniques range from cinema to everyday life.

I believe that women agree on something, makeup is not a disguise and much less defines us as people. Makeup is an art that allows us to express ourselves in different ways and unites us in a common taste. Many makeup trends tend to vary depending on the territory and social context.

For example, in Colombia women love earthy colors, deepening the look and glossy lipsticks. In Australia makeup tends to be more subtle, they love natural makeup. Mexico and Russia are the kings of eyeliner, women tend to pair it with strong lip tones such as red for Mexicans and pink for Russians. Finally, in Arabia, women tend to focus all the attention on their eyes. A large eyeliner, an illuminated tear line, and a shaded water line achieve a penetrating look.

Around the world there are many makeup trends, it would be too long to describe them all, but I am sure of one thing, with or without makeup we are beautiful, what is important is to feel beautiful and enjoy it.

And in your country, what do you stand out when it comes to makeup? Let me know!

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