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Our feature during Women’s Month is Ariana DeBose.

She is a woman who fosters a passion for comedy, dance and song from a very young age.

Ariana DeBose has fostered a passion for acting, dancing and singing from a young age. At just over 30 years old, she has already performed alongside some of the most recognized names in Hollywood.

So, why did I choose to write about her?

I write about Ariana DeBose, not just because of her great accomplishments, but because she is an example of someone who focused on her passion for the arts from the time she was a child and her tenacity has been instrumental to the recognition she now receives.

I have seen how young people can get discouraged and give up on their aspirations when facing an obstacle or even criticism, especially now with social media. DeBose, however, can serve as an inspiration because the fruits she now enjoys are the result of many years of focused effort on her passion.

For those who may not yet know much about this outstanding woman, here is her story.


DeBose was born on January 25th, 1991, in North Carolina from biracial parents. Demonstrating an inclination and natural talent for the arts, DeBose entered the CC & Co. Dance Company, which allowed her to gain access to and learn from world class choreographers. She chose to leave school early to focus completely on her craft.

Career Trajectory.

DeBose’s Television debut was So You Think You Can Dance. And, since she has participated on Bring It On (2011), Motown (2013), Pippin (2014), and Hamilton (2015) - which is now available on Disney + for those of you who have not yet seen it!

She was Tony-nominated as Best Featured Actress in a musical as part of The Donna Summer Musical (2018). And, in 2020 she was part of Ryan Murphy’s The Prom, where she performed along with Meryl Streep. Her latest performance as Anita in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story has garnered accolades and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

DeBose felt particularly proud about her work with West Side Story because, she said, “It is fantastic to not only represent Latinos as an afro latina but also the Broadway community.”

DeBose, as you may see, has achieved much in a brief period of time and serves as a superb example of perseverance for young girls.

And, given that DeBose is our special feature during this Women’s Month, it would be great to show our support. DeBose has been nominated to the Oscars, which will air on March 27th, for ‘Best Supporting Actress.’ If you would like, please find the link below to vote!

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