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The Latina that captivated Hollywood

Eva Longoria’s impressive trajectory as an actress has allowed her to leverage her success to contribute greatly and to support and represent Latinos.

Following women’s month, our spotlight at #VibraLatina goes to Eva Longoria, the artist that has captivated Hollywood. This American actress, of Mexican roots, became best recognized for her breakthrough role in Desperate Housewives, which aired for over a decade.

Who is Eva Longoria?

Longoria grew up along her three sisters in Texas. She studied Kinesthesiology and following her graduation she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her childhood dream of being an actress. She, like thousands of aspiring actors and actresses that move to Hollywood, searched for opportunities. She obtained a break when a talent scout identified her and allowed her to audition for multiple roles. Her perseverance and talent then allowed her to build the career that she enjoys today.

Eva is one of the most multifaceted women in Hollywood, in addition to her multiple roles on television, she is a producer, philanthropist, fashion designer and mother. Eva, who has maintained her strong Mexican roots even as she was born in the United States, has captivated Hollywood representing Latinas on multiple movies and television series, garnering honors at the Golden Globe, SAG and ALMA awards.


We wanted to honor this outstanding woman in part because of her many facets of life in which she pays particular attention to her role as mother. It is important to highlight her commitment to social impact. In 2006, she founded Eva’s Heroes, an organization to support children with special needs. Longoria supports the Foundation Clothes Off Our Back, the National Center for Children Missing and Exploited, American Stroke Association, Project HOME and St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Another foundation that Eva supports is Eva Longoria Foundation, which seeks to reduce gaps in education for latina women in order for them to overcome poverty.

These are just some of the reasons for which it is important to celebrate Eva Longoria’s example for Latinas. She has demonstrated great character and the power of believing in oneself and pursuing one’s dreams wholeheartedly. Through her example, Eva Longoria represents latinos all around the world.

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