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Time to love our loved ones.

December represents love. It is the month where this feeling overflows and charges the hearts of thousands of families who gather to share the night of New year's eve, say goodbye to a year, and welcome new 365 opportunities.

Adults prepare to make the protagonists happy this month, children are excited from the first day of December with the new environment, Christmas has arrived and it is noticeable by the decorations and colored lights that adorn the homes.

But behind everything that is visible, the most important thing is the love that each family professes to each other when they meet again after not seeing each other for a long time. It is a festivity that recharges the hearts with hope, affection, and peace; when meeting, only one feeling is shared in each home: sincere love.

This and last year, many families also had an empty chair at Christmas, or lived and experienced the welcoming of a new year in a different way because a member of the household celebrates these dates from heaven. But what is clear is that it has left an eternal gift, and it's the memory of that deep love, after all it is the best gold in the world.

As December is synonymous with love, I invite you to take advantage of these days and start living throughout the year as we do in December, so: love your loved ones with all intensity.

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