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What if you listen to yourself as you do with your best friend?

One of the best plans we, as human beings have is to share with people with whom we feel an affinity, in this case with friends or family.

According to studies and a series of self-help and popular science books, it is stated that women use an average of 20,000 words a day, compared to the barely 7,000 that men pronounce.

This leads us to believe that we, women, are more specific and detailed in what we communicate. After seeing this little statistic, I confirm it when I relive my meetings with friends where we tell each other every detail of a date, a moment at work, an argument with parents, the girl you don't like... in short, hundreds of topics that we know how to enjoy.

I feel that this need to tell EVERYTHING, has only one purpose, and that is to unburden yourself, to let go of what does not enrich you and torments your being. Here is the most important role of the best friend: 'listening', and the fact is that even if your friend does not say anything, you have already taken everything out that was hurting you. You were heard and you are now free of what was bothering you.

Your friend becomes the comfort and support you need, she listens to you with attention and love, she is your accomplice and even makes you smile, making a joke out of the situation; in short, she is a relief for the soul.

Now, here is the point I want to touch on, and I bring up the title of this article: What if you listen to yourself as you do with your best friend; have you ever done that exercise? I confess: I have not. However, I believe that this can be the best therapy because no one knows you better than you know yourself.

Imagine that you have a cup of coffee, a good glass of wine or a beer, you are in the place you like the most and it fills you with tranquility, you start to tell yourself everything you want, in detail... It's a good plan, right? Today, I invite you to do it, have a date with yourself. Let me know how it went…

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