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Women and Christmas.

The role of women in society is always a topic of discussion and reflection. Thanks to feminist movements, we can think of a woman as a person free to choose who to be. As well as the responsibility of everyone to respect them, especially in times of celebration when they also have the right to enjoy themselves.

When we think of women during these holidays, what ideas come to mind? I have in mind two points that we can touch upon and thus understand the transcendental importance of women in our lives, especially during essential times such as Christmas. From the Catholic point of view, a woman is synonymous with purity and delicacy. Let's remember that Mary is chosen as the mother of Jesus and to this day is a divinity venerated with love and respect, taken as an example of motherhood, love for the family, and leadership. Catholic women may want to be women like Mary, and this Christmas they remember that their purpose in life is to follow the example of the mother of God.

On the other hand, I think about how gender roles can be reinforced during these holidays. I think we need to continue to raise awareness about the expectations placed on women and men. We can start with gifts for the little ones in the home - are we giving toys for learning and fun? Or are we reinforcing roles and behaviors with our children?

We also have the responsibility for activities during Christmas such as cooking, organizing the home, and decorating. Nowadays there are still homes where women are expected to do everything because they are probably used to the idea that everything is done well, and that they should take care of everything. It is not good that the new generations see these examples. The ideal is that we all learn to divide responsibilities and have a commitment to live the holidays serving each other. The woman can be the mother or companion who cares and gives love but at the same time who also receives the attention and love that she always gives.

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